Monday, October 20, 2008

Natural? Are You Crazy?!

The topic of natural birth can be a difficult one to discuss. Those who've had one are typically very passionate about their experiences. Those who've not had one are usually just as passionate about how crazy we are to go natural!
Having a natural birth does not mean that a woman is better than one who had a medicated birth, or surgical birth. Having a natural birth is not a goal to attain in order to join the rank of "super-woman"hood. Having a natural birth is not something to be had in order to make others feel guilty, sad, defensive, or less of a mother. Having a natural birth is a personal decision that a woman must make for herself for her own personal reasons. It's just that there are so many good reasons, it's hard to keep them to ourselves!
My reasons for having natural births were my own, but I'd like to share them here with you:

My body was made to give birth. If all of the women before me could give birth this way, why would I need to do it differently? God made my body to do this work. He does not make mistakes.

No drug is proven safe for the unborn. Why would I shy away from any medications throughout my entire pregnancy in order to flood my body and my baby's with drugs just before they enter this new world?

There's a reason for everything. There's a reason for labor. There's a reason why our bodies surge with hormones, and why we work so hard to bring our babies into our arms. To brush away those things would be messing with an inner-working that is much larger than our ideas.

I am strong and capable. I did not want anyone telling me what I could and could not do. My body was strong enough to grow this baby in my womb, and it would be strong enough to work it out! There's no reason to force a woman to do things that make no sense when she's the only one who knows her body and her baby.

Everyone has a personal reason for their decisions. I just ask that you make an informed decision. Ask questions, look into the safety of each procedure. Think about the effects on your baby, and on yourself. Take care and do no harm!

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Anonymous said...

God, this is so encouraging! Thanks so much for posting this! I am only 6 weeks pregnant, but I am already adamant about delivering naturally. Yet, each time I share this information with someone (mainly my female friends or family members), they scoff at me as if I am dumb to think I am capable of doing such a thing! The four reasons you offer are the same rationale I have for wanting to deliver naturally. It's nice to see I am not the only one who feels this way...Amen!!!